Indoor navigation map


Indoor navigation map


Responsible phase

  • Requirements
  • definition
  • development
  • testing
  • deployment
  • operation

Skills used

BackEnd: java
Web Server: IBM WebSphere
Database: MongoDB
FrontEnd: JQUERY

Time: 6 months

Team: 5 members


We developed an iOS application that helps people with disabilities navigate and gives them directions to the places they want to reach. What users need to do is to select the destination inside a building and the application whole guide them to the destination via voice.

Customer ‘s Problem

The positioning system is a familiar concept as GPS has become an essential part of daily life. Though it can look up any place in a few seconds, users cannot use it to find a shop inside a shopping mall as it cannot position inside a small place. Understand the issue, we have developed an alternative navigation solution to replace the regular map and GPS service.

Our Solution

We have developed an exclusive digital indoor navigation map that allows administrators to update information (editing, adding/deleting) flexibly on the system should there be any practical changes in the map/layout. It is a cross-platform system that can be easily installed on your mobile phone or accessed via web browsers. We use Beacon Technology to determine the user’s accurate location within 3 meters.

At the same time, we are working continuously to improve the technology and increase its accuracy with research on alternative positioning systems, including proximity sensors.



Indoor positioning: The application can utilize technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or infrared to determine the user's location indoors. This enables the application to provide precise guidance on how to navigate from point A to point B within an indoor environment.


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