Online auction system


Online auction system


Responsible phase

  • Requirements
  • definition
  • development
  • testing
  • deployment
  • operation

Skills used

Infra: AWS, EC2, CloudFront
Database: RDS(MySQL)
FrontEnd: HTML, CSS, Vue.js, SocketIO

Time: 6 months

Team: 3 members


We developed an auction system for Japan’s largest branded merchandise purchasing company. After the system was completed, we started taking charge of IT of the business, and we have continuously been upgrading the system.

Customer ‘s Problem

The client is a Japanese company specializing in purchasing merchandise from major brands. They used to spend lots of money to sell their products on other auction platforms. Therefore, they wanted to have their platform to conduct the auctions. The issue was to build a stable platform with high accuracy that could run smoothly during live auctions.

Our Solution

After researching and analyzing the auction business and customer business models, we have developed an auction system that meets the strictest requirements in terms of stability and security during live auctions. The system uses load balancing techniques, which allow several users to bid at once without affecting the system performance.



After the system was launched, the operating costs of the business have declined significantly. The system can easily be integrated with the client’s existing system to make the digital transformation process of the business more comprehensive. Since then, we have been developing more systems to promote digital transformation of businesses.


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